Sunday, July 1, 2007

See it - "Sicko"

"If we have the money to kill people (with war), we've got the money to help people."

~ Former British MP, Tony Benn

Thursday, June 21, 2007


NBC has agreed to pay as much as $1 million for Paris Hilton's first after-jail interview, which will appear on the "Today" show, The Post has learned.

Sources told The Post the sit-down will be conducted by Meredith Vieira the day after the heir-head is sprung some time next week.

The deal has infuriated ABC executives, the sources said, because they were banking on Hilton's first remarks as a free woman going to Barbara Walters, who has become close with Hilton's mom, Kathy.

ABC was the front-runner until NBC Universal boss Jeff Zucker personally called Hilton's father Rick and made the pitch, the sources said.

Hilton agreed to the interview, but said she'd only speak with Vieira because of "disparaging" remarks her co-host Matt Lauer made about her.

A spokeswoman for NBC did not return a call for comment.


Friday, May 4, 2007

Rot in jail

Now if we could only get Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and all the other spoiled rotten "celebrities" to go away.


Monday, March 19, 2007

Help Stop Canada's Cruel Seal Hunt

We need your help in stopping the seal hunt in Canada. Last year, fishermen clubbed and shot more than 350,000 seals in the North Atlantic.

During the hunt, baby seals are shot or repeatedly clubbed. Sealers bludgeon the animals with clubs and “hakapiks” (clubs with metal hooks on their ends) and drag the seals—who are still conscious—across the ice floes with boat hooks. An estimated 42 percent of the animals are skinned alive. Hunters toss dead and dying seals into heaps and leave their carcasses to rot on the ice floes because there is no market for seal meat. Veterinarians who have investigated the hunt have found that hunters routinely fail to comply with Canada’s animal welfare standards.

It is legal in Canada to kill seal pups when they are about 12 days old. During last year’s hunt, almost all the seals killed were 3 months old or younger. Many had not yet learned how to swim or eaten their first solid meals. Baby seals are helpless and have no way to escape from the sealers’ clubs.

Please help today to stop the seal hunt forever by joining the Canadian seafood boycott - sign this pledge @

The sealing industry claims that it is killing more seals because of an increased demand for fur. Although the U.S. banned the sale of seal fur in 1972, anyone wearing the fur of minks, rabbits, foxes, or any other kind of animal is responsible for creating a demand for fur, which pushes Canadian hunters to club more seals each year.

Thank you all for joining me in ending this cruel hunt.


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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hi everyone....

A little update from me... I'm around... just haven't posted in a while because I'm extremely busy with work... plus I think I'm totally burnt out on celebrities. I'm sick of them all.

So I hope to come back soon with a post here and there.

Take care and thanks for visiting!