Thursday, April 22, 2010

bloom. biker. baby. (you are beautiful)

we are all beautiful - our imperfections are our perfections. beauty is within - it shines in the hearts of the good. i hate to think that my photos make people feel insecure. i want to make people feel that they can achieve anything and their dreams aren't as far away as they think.

"for beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone" -- audrey hepburn

do not ever wish you would be better or more beautiful if you were taller, prettier, smarter, skinnier.... you are perfect just the way you are. to be beautiful - start on the inside. it would be hard for young girls, teenagers and women to not want to look like the model in the glossy picture.... but models are models... and you are you.

being a model is a job, a career - models are beautiful but do not epitomise the complete definition of 'beauty'.

i have beautiful friends who make me laugh and keep me smiling and happy.

i have beautiful followers of my work who support and love and give without getting anything in return.
i have a beautiful mum, who despite not supporting my passions and dreams, has always been there for me -  and has done an amazing job raising my sister and i on her own.

i look beyond the skin and see into your kind, loving and generous heart. do not be afraid to be different - because different is unique and unique is beautiful.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

a dreamt reality

pictures taken a few hours ago, on the way home from a photoshoot. i was (literally) blinded by the sunset but it was honestly so beautiful. the way it lights up everything makes it appear surreal. i try to take the time, now and then, to stop and absorb life - appreciating the world that we take for granted.

that blog post by julia trotti is really quite beautiful, if you haven't seen it already... you're missing out!

"i like taking photos from car windows, you don't have time to think about what you're taking a photo of, no time to change your settings or to compose something perfect. you take photos of the world flying past you and don't have time to think about it, so they come out exactly as it is, imperfect but beautiful. they are a memory and they are rushed but also take time. running past, but standing still."

jysla x

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

watching life in slow motion

sorry i didn't quite get around to taking those pictures i promised. i don't usually take self-portraits when my family are home (unless they are preoccupied for a while) because my mum freaks out and interrogates me when i do. so - just my luck - she was home and was constantly on the move.

ah, well... the idea has been written down so i'll get around to it soon hopefully.

i went on a little city roaming trip today and relaxed by the water fountain watching 'mr incredibubble' (that was really what he called himself) and listened to a busker playing the saxophone (so so so lovely and soothing) and the sounds of gushing water.

and i also tweeted about this little girl i met who was so unlike other children at the park. instead of running around (like children often do), she was staring at the people walking past and lounging by the water fountain near us. she constantly smoothed, then messed up her hair and at one point she curled up into a small ball and closed her eyes. i took an instant liking to her, and she told me her name was 'alexandria'. i took a few pictures of her while she was caught up in her own little world and she was so distracted that she didn't even realise. luckily, her mother didn't mind!

ooft, that's enough talking from me... hope everyone had a peaceful day (and night... unlike mine).

jysla x

Saturday, April 3, 2010


two blog posts in one night, i hear you ask? ...somebody's got a lot of time on their hands *cough*

sorry for the fashion-focused self-portraits if you don't like that sort of thing, but i'm combining my passions and having a hell of a good time along the way. if you haven't stalked me yet (heh, only kidding), i've had lookbook since november last year but have only started using it properly recently.

red lipstick... check.
natural backlight... check.

question of the post:  what are your passions? (no matter how weird, or cliche)

(mine: guitar, photography, dancing, fashion, reading)
i was always ambitious, even when i was a little girl - i had big dreams. i wanted to be a princess, then a mermaid (the little mermaid) and then a kick-ass warrior (mulan). okay you got me i still do. but i have slightly more realistic dreams. i've tried drawing, painting, sculpting, designing, writing, cooking, singing, acting... and i'm pretty sucky at all of them. but trying new things (and taking risks) is all a part of the journey, and the worst thing isn't regretting what you did... but regretting what you never did (i think that's a quote from somewhere that i subconsciously memorised so that i sound wise...did it work?).

anyway...more photos tomorrow hopefully, hope you're not sick of me yet!

jysla x

Friday, April 2, 2010

lonely hearts are blue

it is the same shape as yours. beats a little out of time, a little irregular, but has its highs and lows all the same. it is well hidden, beneath smiling lips, and sad eyes, hidden to those unaware. it does not understand the world, does not understand itself, does not understand other hearts that are red, and blooming, and thriving with love. it beats quietly, it doesn't want to disturb others. the lonely blue heart is wrapped in bubble wrap and held up with thin, fragile strings that stretch and sway with each -bum bum- -bum bum- -bum bum-....


i am live, and i breathe. and i am unusually peaceful.

jysla x