Wednesday, February 29, 2012

half moon

Model: Roelene (Chadwick)
Hair and make-up: Josie Nakhoul
Styling/Photography: Jysla Kay

As soon as I saw this post by Geneva from A Pair & A Spare inspired by Givenchy's S/S runway show, I knew I had to recreate it in one of my shoots. Different, and maybe a little creepy but 100% fun with a touch of sparkle. Pixie-faced Roelene was so much fun to shoot with, happily standing in the middle of traffic and dancing in the rain -- all for the sake of some shots.

This was the quickest test shoot I've ever done, but it sits high up there with my favourites - an effortless shoot with countless hair flips and stubborn rain.

tyga tattoos 2012

map of lake victoria

map of limpopo river

map of chechnya

map of switzerland in europe

kelly clarkson hair

deepika padukone

meryl streep young

Monday, February 20, 2012

Lace Me Up

(Vintage dress (worn as top), Asos pants, Rubi hat, Sportsgirl belt and heels, Temt bag)

The weather has been so beautiful and sunny lately, but I felt like wearing something other than my usual skirt-and-shirt combo today. I've never really been a pants girl because I've been cursed with a long torso and short legs but high waisted bottoms usually do the trick of casting an illusion of longer legs).

I am in love with these lace pants from ASOS, but they don't fit me as well as I had hoped. Not the most accurate size 6 I've come across (AND I'm usually a size 8). Although I still feel a little paranoid that it looks too big on me, I'm too attached to return it.