Saturday, June 25, 2011

apple of my eye

home - edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros

part 1 of 2 posts of photos from the same roll of memories i developed yesterday.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

klm 747

china airlines 747


designer: chelle carter

in love with this amazing dress that i was lucky enough to photograph.

this is one of the few shoots i've done in the past 6 months but i needed a break to figure out myself and try to get back to doing what i love. i've strayed too far from my own style because of what people expected from me, but even though i do this for the world, i need to take photos for myself too.

i am a very, very ordinary girl with a normal camera who loves shooting in the shadows of the burning summer sun and faceless photos that tell more than they show. hopefully over the next few weeks, that'll show in my photos. i'll be getting back into my usual self portraits so that i can be at the heart of my photography, and maintain the balance that had been gone for a long time.