Friday, March 26, 2010

oh starry eyes

i'm starry eyed, and full of dreams and heartache and longing. i'm fragile and breakable. the sky is not the limit, i aim for the heavens - beyond the galaxies, endless light years away. i believe in happiness and love.

i am heading in a different direction, and i may lose support along the way but i'm walking towards where i need and completely want to be. i'm learning that mistakes are okay, and each one is a lesson. i don't regret, and i'm letting go.

i hope you enjoyed this photo story. best served with hot tea.

jysla x

Sunday, March 14, 2010

lace sweet lace

 my first self mini-series. i can't get over how incredibly creepy i look and like i'm about to kill someone in that white top picture.

it's not really the photoshoot i promised you but i wanted to do something other than study for an exam (which is tomorrow morning, but let's not think of that).

p.s. i have the prettiest light in my bathroom!