Saturday, July 30, 2011

tied to me.

forever21 boots | mum's high waisted shorts | grandma's lace top | esq jacket

it was a warm day today, and although this is my casual, sunny, lazy weekend outfit (that i wouldn't normally post about) i had to proudly photograph my new black jacket. i wish i found this perfect piece earlier in winter! it is so perfect, warm and big enough, to throw over multiple layers of clothing without the annoying problem of bunching sleeves and awkward bulk. i found it on sale for $25 at a small asian-owned retail store called 'esq design' and haven't stopped wearing it since! it's so good to have a jacket i can finally wear over my jumpers minus the bulgy arm look.

p.s. i accidentally missed a look (if you noticed from lookbook) so that'll be the next post, sorry i'm forgetful!

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