Saturday, December 3, 2011

Random:Hair post

Since today I don't have an outfit post for you, I've decided that it was time for one of those random inspiration posts. I don't do these often, I think this is my second one ever, since they seem to take alot of time to put together. I've gathered up all of my fave hair pictures that I've been saving for the last few months since I'm pretty much obsessed with hair maybe even more so than fashion.

(This brown is so close to my natural color,
makes me never want to cut my hair again, ever)

(Cool messy hair look that I can never quite manage to achieve)

(If I had any guts, I'd go short like Hannah from heartcityvintage)

(Erin over @ calivintage just got her little gamine cut, quite jealous)

(If I had a face like this I wouldn't even think twice)

(A hair inspiration post wouldn't be complete without miss Zooey)

Images were found @ hairlook (can't find the link!), heartcityvintage, calivintage

I myself have been teetering on the though of going back to my natural hair color ( I think it's a medium ashy brown). I really want to stop the high maintenance routine it takes to keep up hair color as well as regular bang maintenance (I can only maintain one of these at a time). Everytime I feel like I'm ready for the change I'll have a quick look at some of my older pictures of my darker hair and all of my confidence in this decision go right out the door! Oh well, one day...

Here are some random hair pictures I've had in the last few years.

(I think I was temporarily insane when I dyed my hair this color about 2 years ago)

(Then I decided to cut it, and yes, that's the same dress as previous picture)

(I used to pretend and make this fake bob with the different layers when it was growing out)

(I started growing out my bangs for a really long time)

(Then I came to my senses and got bangs.
I realized I could do cool things with headbands and not look like a hippie.)

(I think this is my fave hair color of all time. Will I miss it? Probably)

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