Friday, September 8, 2006

For all you "A Different World" fans out there (myself included!)...

Check out this website for Hillman College t-shirts, tank tops and mugs.

From the website:

Have you ever wanted to know what it was like to be a part of the "A Different World" college crew...? Well now is your chance! Sit back and watch the show on the new release DVD and throw on your "unofficial" Hillman College shirt. The only reason, I say "unofficial" is because I redesigned the school logo. I drew it to match the shirts worn by the fantastic cast of the 90's hit show "A Different World."

Each week, the students at the fictional Historic African-American Hillman College were faced with issues of college and political life. The show touched on some issues that were very serious and informative while at the same time it provided you with some hardy laughs during the show's run.

Interesting point about the show's first season: Oscar winner Marisa Tomei (who was white) was one of the students who was roommates with 'Cosby' show regular Lisa Bonet and friend Jalessa (played by Dawnn Lewis, who in turn wrote and sang the theme song) who Bonet had the hots for Dwayne Wayne played by Kerideem Hardison.

However, after the first season, Bonet and Tomei were dropped, replacing them with Cree Sumner, Sinbad,and Darryl Bell (which him and Hardison along with actors Glynn Turman and Jasmine Guy, and Cree Sumner remain throughout the show's run) and Lou Myers. You can now relive the show with this shirt!!!!

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