Monday, September 11, 2006

Paul McCartney offers wife huge payoff

Sir Paul McCartney has reportedly offered his estranged wife Heather Mills $72 million to never discuss their marriage for the rest of her life.

The offer, made during a secret meeting in the log cabin Mills uses on McCartney's sprawling estate in south England, will see the former model receive the money over 20 years -- provided she never reveals any details of the pair's four-year marriage, which ended acrimoniously in May.

Speaking to British newspaper News Of The World, a source says, "Heather must reveal nothing about their personal lives. No books, no TV specials.

"She has one hell of a story and Paul wants a settlement to make sure it never comes out. Any breach of the conditions would allow him to stop the payments.

"So basically he has control of Heather for the rest of his life."


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