Monday, January 9, 2012

Brandon Roy

Brandon Roy is suddenly the hottest topic on the table, all thanks to bad knees and secure the NBA. Roy is a candidate for the Blazers on the exercise of a number of amnesty in, as Oregonian reported this week. Amnesty clause allows teams to waive the player, and the removal of the repercussions of his salary cap and luxury tax later, while still have to pay the remainder of his contract. Under the new provisions of the CBA, an auction will be held with teams who are capable of cap room to give, to take on all or part of his contract. Charges to try to win on the roof of the new team, and thinks so.

Roy, I'd be on the hook for more than 68 million dollars to pay for it through the next four seasons. (We would like only to point out how stupid memorial Roy gives this extension because of their knowledge of the prior state of health. $ 68 million. Seriously.) In 2014-2015, and that the pace of the withdrawal of $ 19.3 million in alone. (Again, stupid stupendously.) If the team at auction amnesty was provided $ 6 million and win the tender, the $ 6 million will be the maximum which they were traveling for Roy, while the Blazers and the payment of the balance, without affecting the cover them .

Monday shared the report, which pointed out that the Timberwolves are interested in Roy. Monday night, according to the Contra Costa Times and the Warriors are also in the hunt should be on the release of the Portland Roy.

But the Warriors in the market for a veteran guard, probably in the shooting guard. And sources of team a couple let me know that if Brandon Roy is in fact the option of amnesty Portland, Oregon, as I mentioned, Warriors definitely interested.

Are you through the image of Brandon Roy and Warriors in Uniform? - At home and the Warriors - with Marcus Thompson.

The truth is that no one has forgotten what he was able to Roy in 2008, and what he did for the Mavericks in that one game in front of the Dallas Mavericks, Portland extracted the life of the season at Portland. When healthy enough, and he can score from everywhere on the floor, and nail attack after crossing the crossing difficult cruel. And can be used to mark Jackson's veteran experience such as Roy in The Golden State a role model. But there are a lot of questions about Roy, because of the meniscus in his knee, or lack thereof.

ESPN reports that the Bulls are also interested in the pursuit of Roy, but the view of the hat, and they must also hope that through the fall all the teams with cap room by the first open, which is highly unlikely to happen. Roy makes a lot of sense for the Bulls, who will not need him to create off the dribble and can still fit him in the defense system. Brandon Roy on one leg is still the best Carlos Boozer of the two.

And Roy is the pilot to see if he could contribute? At all. But it comes with inherent risks, and it can be physically unable to compete in any given night. The first question is whether it will have an amnesty. From there, the bidding war begins for Roy.

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