Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tree Tattoos

Tree tattoo patters and designs are among the most versatile there are out there, as the variety of trees and their diverse shapes, colors and sizes offer up endless material to work from, and the opportunity to blend and mix them with other themes and figures to make up some great tattoo images.

As with other tattoos, trees have an enormous amount of symbolism connected to culture, history and religion, which is part of the mythology which attracts people to have them inked on their bodies.

Trees and their uniqueness represent so many things across the human perspective that they project much of life we live and experience, and continue to fascinate us with their mystical and practical quality.

But another element is the nature of trees themselves, which offer tattoo designers and artists not only story material and background, but terrific material to work with in the roots, limbs, branches and leaves which accompany them. No wonder tree tattoos are so desirable among both men and women who enjoy them.

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