Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Forget the $6 burger; try the $6,000 burger

Now there’s a new way to spend your children’s trust fund: beginning today, the Palms Casino will offer a $6,000 Carl’s Jr. hamburger as part of its room service and coffee shop menus.

Owners George, Joe, Gavin and Phil Maloof appear in a new television spot for the fast food chain (and its sister restaurant Hardee’s) that was filmed over ten hours at their Las Vegas resort in August.

“There is an art to eating burgers on television,” Joe Maloof tells us. After about 25 different tries, “we finally got it.” Each pricey sandwich will be served with a bottle of 24 year-old French Bordeaux, Maloof says. But where will they come from without a franchise in the hotel? “The bellman is going to have to get in the Escalade and go down to Carl’s Jr.”


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