Thursday, November 3, 2011

Emo Haircuts

The best thing about long hair is that it can go with any dress! And even if you just leave the hair open, it is counted as a hairstyle! With so many hair care products available in the market, it is no longer difficult to maintain them. But you have to take care of long hair, especially if they are long, straight hair, by conditioning them every week, and trimming them every 3-6 months. If long hair is not well maintained, it looks disastrous when left open. Thus, hair care is essential. If you take proper care, you can try one of the many cute haircuts for long hair.

Layered Haircuts for Long Hair
Layered haircut looks good for long hair, because it gives your hair a thick look. With layered haircuts, you can try different haircut styles and ideas. The volume of the hair seems to have increased, when hair is cut in layers. You can decide the length of the layers, yourself. Hairstylists generally advise to take the first layer under the ear. It gives a sassy look to your hair. You can try a straight, or curved, or angled layered cut. The layered cut looks more elegant if the first layer is cut very short to make bangs. This haircut frames the face. For a chic look, highlight the bangs. For a formal look, let the layers be deep, whereas for a casual and smart look, out turned layers look good. Layered haircuts for long hair can be left open, or tied into a ponytail. More on layered haircuts for long hair.

V Haircut for Long Hair
A V cut is a simple haircut, which looks trendy. All you have to do is to tell your stylist to cut your hair in the shape of a 'V'. A V cut makes the hair look long. So you can try many long hairstyles with it. Layers can go with a V haircut for long hair. But remember that you must cut your hair in a V shape, only at the back! It is advisable to keep the length of hair medium in the front. V shaped haircuts for long hair have a classy look, so bangs won't look good with them.

Asymmetrical Haircut
This is a cool haircut for long hair. It's all in the name! In this kind of haircut, you have full freedom to explore! There are no rules for how the asymmetrical haircut should be. It can be any way. It can be very funky. If you are fed up of the same old hairstyles, you can go for this one. An asymmetrical haircut is the best when you are growing your hair, and it is in the middle stage, where the hair is neither too long, nor too short. Cut the hair only on one side, or at the back. The hair can be cut in various lengths, rather than keeping the length the same all over. The hair can vary in length on all the sides!

Straight Haircut
Straight haircut is the easiest to carry. If you want to flaunt your hair length, get a straight haircut. It falls into place on its own. You don't need to do any styling for a straight haircut. But you have to instruct your hairstylist to cut finely, as it has to be perfectly even in length. The smallest mistake is visible in this type of haircut, so check carefully to see that the length of the hair is the same all over.

U Haircut for Long Hair
This haircut is more popular in the sub-continent of Asia. The hair at the back is cut in the shape of a 'U'. It looks a lot more formal than the 'V' cut. You can pin up your hair, or tie a ponytail. It looks more elegant when tied, as the 'U' becomes more pronounced when tied. People with all sorts of hair like thin, thick, curly or wavy, can choose a U cut. It also suits all face shapes. More on haircut ideas for long hair.

These were some cool, cute and best haircuts for long hair. Try each of the above haircuts once and experience a new look each time!

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