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Finding The Perfect Hair Cut For You

Hair is the focus of feminine seduction and every woman wants them always beautiful. But, in addition to wanting a healthy and strong hair, often in search of cut that enhances us more. How often do you ever go to the hairdresser, come out with exactly the cut that you asked and did not like?
The secret of a perfect haircut is actually very simple: everything is in the shape of your face. To enhance your beauty discover what is the right haircut for you, and you will not only prettier, but your features will be emphasized in the best way!

Things to Consider your choice of hairstyle

When choosing a hairstyle you must first take account of the style with which you feel more comfortable: like hair uncombed, sorted, moved, straight, curly? Then consider your lifestyle: clothes often casual, formal, elegant, chic? Depending on the answer changes the hairstyle you want to achieve. Finally, think of your type of hair: if you have thin curly hair may not be the best, but if it is thick you can choose voluminous hairstyles.
But the most important thing in choosing the hairstyle is the shape of the face: to understand what is the shape of your face all the hair away from her face, fixed with a band, and observed carefully in the mirror, paying particular attention to the shape of the forehead , chin and cheekbones and the distance between the various parties.
All Forms of Face

There are 7 main types of face shapes: oval face, round face, face care, the square face, long face, triangular face and the faces of diamond. Here are their features and hair styles more appropriate depending on each form.
Oval Face
1fba7e8f94d62be0586d84fb6ac6312e.jpgThe oval face has a regular shape, almost perfect: the width of the face is tantamount to half the length. It is the face that fits any type of cut: the oval is considered the ideal form, like proportions and harmony.
If you have an oval face you are well all hairstyles: in any case it is better to avoid short cuts and dead thorny because they make his face visibly wider, and should be banned heavy cuts covering his features. In contrast, the hairstyles are the best cuts vapors that soften the face, such as wavy hair or hair voluminous.
Celebrities from the oval face: Julia Roberts and Megan Fox

Round Face
viso-rotondo.jpgThis is a full, rounded face, whose width is almost equivalent to the length. The round face needs to be extended because it is visually too full. The ideal cut is long and wavy, which has the effect of thin face due to length. The volume to be distributed appropriately: the roots and very little near cheekbones and cheeks, to refine his face.
In order not to accentuate the roundness should be avoided severe cuts and hairstyles that pull hair away from your face or as heavy curls: the harvest is allowed only if you leave some free locks on his forehead. Fringes are not going well defined and full, while the fringes are perfect fashion, reading and disorderly.
Round-faced celebrity: Cameron Diaz and Kirsten Dunst

Face to Heart
8de89988490bed0c7eefc30c731e0b8a.jpgFace care is generally characterized by sharp chin and cheekbones, wider jaw. The widest part of the face is half, where there are cheekbones, forehead and chin and are thinner. The ideal style of hair for the face is moved to the heart and large with a strip light and fluffy.
The best length is behind, or longer hair is better to avoid short cuts, especially if very long roots. Better a longer cut, also corrugated, fuller near the cheekbones and jaw line to give the idea of an oval. Perfect a full helmet that comes to mind, so as to give harmony to the face.
Celebrities from the face to my heart: Scarlett Johansson andJennifer Love Hewitt


Square Face
quadrato.jpgA square face has sharp facial features and marked and pronounced jaw. Similar to the oval face but features more pronounced. The forehead, cheekbones and jaw line are nearly equal in width.
The haircut is ideal to soften the face: the vaporous and unkempt hair are perfect for creating a contrast with the harshness of her features. Perfect light and pulled a tuft side that removes some of the face geometry. No heavy cuts, without movement, and especially not in the middle of the line.
Celebrities from the square face: Angelina Jolie and Sandra Bullock

Rectangular or oblong face
e47bb0c66402f29db2e96eaee73e8ab8.jpgThis type of face has a similar width from temple to jaw line and is longer than wide. The high forehead and chin lengthened require a cut that visually widen and shorten the overall face.
They are very good short and voluminous styles, like the helmet: also, even the fringe is very suitable for this type of face because it mitigates the length. Also perfect curls, fluffy and unkempt. Cuts to avoid long and straight, why emphasize the length of the face.
Celebrities from the long face: Liv Tyler and Sarah Jessica Parker

Triangular face
triangolare.jpgThe triangular face, contrary to what many think, is exactly the opposite of the face and the heart is characterized by a narrow forehead and a pronounced jaw line.
The ideal cut for those with the triangular face is scaled and tending to short, so that the face is both more balanced and harmonious. Better to avoid hair smooth and flat volumes side too bloated and too long hair, all the same. Even the rich are very good with a triangular face, precisely because they break the geometry.
Celebrities from the triangular face: Renee Zellweger and Eva Mendes

Face Diamante
8265cdc859deae203791ddd326b87787.jpgThe diamond face is a cross between a heart and a face to face oval. Cheekbones are very wide while the forehead and jaw are narrower and have more or less the same width. The chin is fairly regular, though leger pronounced.
With this kind of face look good almost all the cuts and hairstyles. In any case it is better to follow the advice to heart and face: cut fluffy, wavy, full near the jaw line and fringe shows and read.
Celebrity-faced diamond: Reese Witherspoon and Madonna


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