Saturday, November 5, 2011


lace button-up & wedges (TEMT) / skirt (Valleygirl) / necklace/headpiece (Diva)

Sorry for the rushed and small post. I've realised that I can't continue saving drafts of blog posts with the intention of officially posting them because I never end up posting outfits/photoshoots. I'm probably not alone here, but after a few days, I lose interest in an outfit I took pictures of. That's probably attributed to my obsessive compulsive behaviour somehow.. I extremely dislike looking at my old photos and outfits, but I guess we're all our own toughest critic.

Here's a little favourite summer tune of mine, something that has been on repeat for a while:

Pheonix - Girlfriend

This outfit cost $45 excluding the headpiece (which is actually a necklace), and I only just realised how much of a bargain hunter I am as I am typing this. This is the part where I will blame my asian roots blah blah blah but honestly, who could resist a $5 skirt? The only time I would think twice about buying something seemingly too cheap is when the quality has clearly been compromised. My boyfriend would have lost count of the amount of times I have refused to buy something because the buttons on the shirt look tacky. Yep, I said buttons. It makes a huge difference!

Also, I know my blog is looking absolutely horrendous and dull but I do have plans to make it look a little more appealing. Even if I destroy the html code somewhere, I think it would still be an improvement.
EDIT: I made small changes to my blog after months of procrastination! Hooray!

Looking forward to the 3 month break from uni and all the little projects I have planned! Watch this space!

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