Friday, November 10, 2006

Courtney Love's Dad Teams Up With Cobain's Grandfather to 'Save' Frances Bean

Courtney Love's estranged father Hank Harrison is planning to team up with Kurt Cobain's grandfather to fight for access to the two rockers' daughter, Frances Bean Cobain.

Leland Cobain and author and journalist Harrison claim never to have met 14-year-old Frances, because of Love's "sheer vindictiveness," Harrison claims.

The pair are concerned about reports of Love's drug abuse and the effect it will have on Frances' upbringing.

Harrison -- who has been estranged from Love since she was a teenager -- says, "This month I am proceeding to Seattle to meet with Frances' great grandfather, Leland Cobain.

"Leland has never been allowed to visit his own great grandchild. Leland and I have been in touch by email, mail and telephone and we are in agreement that something must be done about Courtney's aberrant behavior. The only answer we can come up with is, sheer vindictiveness, a violent and vicious personality."


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