Thursday, November 9, 2006

Mariah Carey donates fur coat to PETA; UPS loses it

A $7,500 fur coat Mariah Carey donated to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has been lost by the United Parcel Service.

The coat was en route to Mongolia, where it was to be given to refugees to help them keep warm this winter.

Animal-lover Carey sent two floor-length mink coats she received from a rich admirer to PETA bosses, asking them to donate the furs to the charity's annual winter drive to help clothe homeless and needy refugees around the world.

According to PETA sources, one coat was on its way to Switzerland, where it was to be packaged in a sealed container bound for Mongolia to be included in a Swiss Animal Protection Society drive -- but the coat never arrived.

UPS tells PETA the coat cannot be located and is lost. After filing a claim, the anti-fur charity will be reimbursed the full $7,500.

The other coat Carey donated did get to its destination -- Los Angeles -- and will be used as the canvas of a new anti-fur campaign, created by graffiti artist Marcus Suarez.

The coat will be used as a prop at PETA protests later this winter.


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