Thursday, November 16, 2006

Michael Jackson disappoints fans; so what else is new?

Fans are furious after paying over $120 for tickets to see Michael Jackson perform his hit single, Thriller.

Fans lined up at the World Music Awards to see Jackson, yet he only sang a few lines from his song "We Are The World" then left.

While organizers of the Awards say they have "not been contacted by any of the fans or had one complaint," yet according to the BBC, the complaints are numerous.

Abdo Binmadhi, who traveled from Oxford for the show at Earls Court in London says, "People were expecting something significant but he didn't perform at all."

"When the lights went on I saw people's faces and they were like: 'Is that it?' I should have just stayed at home and watched it on TV... We should definitely get a refund."

Katherine Kidd says, "I'm furious. I feel like I've been ripped off."

"It was a huge anti-climax," said 29-year-old Londoner Zareen Iqbal tells the BBC. "I just walked off."


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