Thursday, November 30, 2006

Kathy Griffin safe after scare on plane


As you may have heard through media outlet reports, there was a major plane incident concerning Kathy Wed evening. All of us, and Kathy directly, want you to first and foremost know that Kathy and all aboard are safe. The plane did not crash.

Kathy rented a commuter plane that took off at 4:45pm in Burbank, CA. Kathy and Tom (her tour manager) were the only two passengers on the plane. 20 minutes into the flight they hit extreme turbulence. Things were flying all over in the plane.

The pilots smelled smoke and then Kathy did as well. Shortly the cabin itself was filled with smoke. She noticed the pilot had to put on his oxygen mask and then the other masks dropped for the passengers. The plane made an emergency return to Burbank. The two pilots were extremely professional and calm during the events.

There were fire trucks waiting on the runway for her plane to land. Luckily, they landed and were pulled out of the plane quickly and safely. No other plane was available earlier than 9:30 and thus Wed's show had to be cancelled.

Kathy wants you to personally know that ALL of her shows, including Thursday's show in Hanford, are STILL ON AS SCHEDULED. She hopes to reschedule the Stockton show. Again, Kathy apologizes for the inconvenience.

We want to thank you for all your thoughts and prayers during these events. Kathy once again (to make 100% clear) is safe and sound as are all staff members.

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